Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 - Baby Names

Today my favorite moment happened when Devin, my brother, my dad, and I were discussing baby names.  I said I like the name Eleanor, and also want to use the middle name Ann, but when Eleanor is shortened to Ellie and put with Ann... Ellie Ann... it sounds like alien.  As I explained this my dad said that kids will find something about any name to make a joke about.  I said how do you make fun of Ardell?  (his name)  He said, "Smar-fell."  Devin, Joshua, and I all started cracking up!  Seriously, who has ever heard that word?  It sounds hilarious and it was hilarious when he said it because none of us expected it.  I love a good laugh especially when it's with people I love.

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